About Me

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The Photography

imgI consider myself a perpetual student of photography, and greatly enjoy learning as much as I possibly can about fundamental elements like composition, lighting, perspective, and exposure. In the process, I aim for flexibility and open-mindedness, meaning that my work spans a number of focus areas (rather than one particular speciality). These include landscapes, macro photography, portrait and candid photography, street and documentary photography, product/editorial photography, and artistic/conceptual photography. I've provided a portfolio of some of my favourite photographs on this site, and you can also visit my Flickr photostream to see even more.

The Photographer



My father was a professional photographer and cameraman in the 1960s and 1970s, and the shutter bug was unquestionably passed down. I began shooting film with a manual focus SLR in the 1990s, and learned the fundamentals of exposure while becoming very attached to the creative control, flexibility and image quality that an SLR camera and a trusty lens can provide.

When I finished school, I moved to digital photography, and currently shoot almost exclusively with my Canon 5D Mark III and a handful of wonderful (nay, venerable) lenses. I also have a small collection of film cameras.

I created this website so that I could open up my portfolio in a more meaningful and enduring way than simply shuttling folks off to one sharing site or another. Although my professional training is in law, the breadth and quality of my photographs have reached the point that I decided it was time to properly introduce folks to my work and to myself.
My aim is to share my photos and my photography experiences through this website --particularly my adventures and misadventures as I undertake new projects and attempt to master new skills and techniques.

Some of my favourite photographs are showcased here, and many more will be as my body of work expands.

I'd love to hear what you are working on, too -- especially about what inspires you, and about what challenges you have experienced (and, I hope, overcome) as you create your own favourite exposures with your own trusty camera.

My prints are for sale, and I'm available for hire for photo projects and commissions in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.